Doing something new….

Recently I have been doing a lot more cooking.  Not just whipping up some easy or quick meal for my spouse and I,  but something healthy with an eye towards a more moral outlook on society.   Less meat,  more compassion towards other living beings.

It began as a way for Mark, my spouse of 16 years,  and I to lose weight.   Happily,  I can say the weight-loss part has been a tremendous success as we have both lost a good amount of heft.

Along the way we have discovered some great meal options and I have been learning quite a bit about making great,  healthy dinners.

One thing I have noticed about many people,  my self included,  was that preparing and consuming our meals has become so regimental.  It seems we have forgotten that our food,  our meals,  were meant to be enjoyed,  both preparing and eating them.  I want to share my joy in preparing a good meal and in eating it.   As someone who maintains a daily meditation practice I sometimes forget that working to make our meals as well as consuming them can and should be a mindful experience,  not a chore.

I’ve had some folks suggest that I share the recipes that I prepare and that is what I hope to do with this blog.  I want to share new meals that I prepare,  including how easy they are to make,  how they look and taste,  and what other people think of them.  I’ll try also,  to include pictures of the fully-prepared meal.

So here I go.  I hope to receive your suggestions,  encouragement,  and ideas as I share what I think is a great idea.

As the title of my blog states,  it will be “mostly” vegetarian….not totally.

Here’s to healthy,  and enjoyable cooking and eating!






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