Veggie Sloppy Joe’s, Homemade Hummus with a Brown Rice Pudding dessert

Once a month,  Mark and I get together with some good friends and neighbors for a little dinner and to spend some quality time.  Last night was our turn to host and I decided to make it a vegetarian meal.   I whipped up Vegetarian Sloppy Joe’s,  Hummus, and a Brown Rice Pudding dessert with mixed berries.  We’ll take the food items one at a time.



2 tablespoons of Olive Oil

2 package of Morningstar Farms griller crumblers

Heinz Ketchup

Spicy Mustard

BBQ Sauce

Fresh Ground Pepper

Mustard Seeds


Put the Olive Oil in a large skillet on medium-high heat and brown the Griller Crumblers until they are brown.  Then add all the ingredients.  This is where you can be creative.  I use the ingredients listed but you can make them with whatever spices you want.   They turn out just like your meat sloppy joe’s and taste exactly the same.  I slowly  warm them at the lowest heat for about an hour and voila,  they are ready!  I served the sloppy joe’s on whole wheat buns.


The Hummus recipe I used comes from The Le Pain Quotidien Cookbook.


1 2/3 cups canned chickpeas,  drained(reserve the liquid)

4 tablespoons tahini

1/4 garlic clove.   If you like a more garlic flavor you can add more

2-3 tablespoons lemon juice

1 1/2 tablespoons mineral water.  I used San Pellegrino brand

1 pinch sea salt

1 pinch freshly ground black pepper.


Put all the ingredients into your food processor.  Blend in short bursts until you have a thin puree that is easy to spread.  Refrigerate until needed.


I served the Hummus with an option of Pita Bread,  Trisket Crackers,  or Naan.


This awesome dessert also comes from the Le Pain Quotidien Cookbook and is very easy to make.


1 1/4 cups short-grain brown rice

3 1/2 cups water

2 cups soy milk

1/2 cup agave syrup

1 small pinch of ground turmeric

1 vanilla bean(pod),  split in half,  seeds scraped out

2-3 cups seasonal berries.  I used raspberries,  strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.


Put the Rice and water into a medium or large saucepan.  Bring to a boil over medium heat,  then cover,  reduce the heat to very low and cook for 45-50 minutes, stirring occasionally,  until the rice is tender.

Add the soy milk,  agave syrup, turmeric and vanilla bean(pod) and seeds.  Bring back to a boil,  then reduce the heat to low and cook for another 20 minutes,  stirring constantly,  until the pudding is creamy and the rice is cooked through.  Remove from the heat,  lift out the vanilla bean,  then pour the pudding into a bowl.  Cover with plastic wrap and let cool completely before transferring to the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.  Serve the pudding cold with the berries.


I have made the sloppy joe’s many, many times and they always turn out great.  You will not notice that they are vegetarian.  I have served them to friends who are not at all vegetarian,  and they always like them.   Last nights sloppy joe’s were gone by the end of the evening.

This was the first time I made the Hummus and it turned out great!  Everyone liked it and I will definitely make more!

The Brown Rice Pudding was a hit!  I was a bit unsure of how it would taste when I first took it out of the fridge.  I used a wooden spoon to stir it up a bit before serving,  put it into bowls with the mixed fruit and then served it.  Everyone loved it.


There is nothing more satisfying than making a good,  easy meal with a nice dessert for people you care about.  Mark and I are so very fortunate to have good friends and neighbors to share meals with,  and this one turned out great.  I think you would like it too.


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